Bottle Coating


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Treat your bottles like a blank canvas. Our bottle coating capability produces a beautiful range of colored finishes including frost, gloss, transparent, and opaque. Plus Tri-S offers direct-to-bottle printing after the coating process for an additional level of bottle decorating.

The Glass Coating Process

Our process uses an electrostatic disc system that produces microfine coating particles, which are “precipitated” and attracted onto the surface of the glass using electrostatic voltages. The charge on the coating particles is dissipated through the glass leaving the neutral particles on the surface of the glass.

The many advantages of this system for you include:

  • Flexibility for us to handle very complex shapes, colors and textures.
  • Results that provide an even coating and quality finish due to the very fine particles in the process.
  • Minimum wastage and efficient material usage due to the doubling of the efficiency of conventional spray application.
  • The capability to handle high volume production.

Paints and Finishes

We offer numerous glass finishes:

  • Acid etch/colored etch: Natural acid etch / sand blast effect also with transparent tints and colors.
  • Transparent colors: A full range of transparent colors and tints.
  • Solid colors: A comprehensive range of solid colors.
  • Simulated stone and terracotta: Color range includes from red clay to earthen and stoneware.
  • Metallic colors: A full range of aluminum, flake brushed, sparkle, mica, and metallic effects with including silver, gold, and bronze.
  • Pearlescent colors: A range of effects including ‘mother of pearl’ and ‘switch tone’.
  • 'Soft feel' colors: Realize the effect of soft non-slip rubber, achievable in any solid color.
  • Thermochromic colors: Ability for color changes based on temperature. Ideal for beers, wines, and glasses.
  • Fluorescent colors: Colors that fluoresce in daylight but are particularly vibrant under ultra violet light. Particularly effective for bottles and glasses in night club environments.
  • Ultra violet blocking: Ultra violet blocking is available in clear colors and is beneficial in the food and drink industry where retention of taste and vitamins etc. is of paramount importance.
  • Iridescent colors: Iridescent finishes provide special effects i.e. oil on water.
  • Luminescent/photochromic colors: Designed to take advantage of changing light frequencies to provide bright, vivid fluorescent colors.
  • Anti-bacterial coatings: Available in any color, providing added protection against bacteria. Ideal for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Fragment retention coatings: Domestically used as a protective barrier to reduce the risk of spillage/retention of glass fragments. Alternatively used for corrosive and harmful products in industry to retain/contain both fragments of glass/contents.

Contact us to learn how our bottle coating capabilities can aid in your project.