Screen Printing


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Tri-S specializes in direct screen printing on glass, plastic and metal bottles and jars. Our six automated presses are capable of large and small runs and use UV light to instantly cure the ink without the need for inefficient oven drying. This allows for more vibrant, consistant color.

The process of screen printing ink directly to the surface of your bottle or glassware gives your product a creative, craftsman image that becomes part of the bottle and helps it stand out. We use only organic inks that comply with CA Prop 65 and the European RoHS Directive. These inks are non-toxic and free of heavy metals and carcinogens. Below are some of the benefits of screen printing:

Durability - doesn't fade, stain, scratch, tear, wrinkle or peel off

Design freedom - image design unrestricted by labels; 360° wrap-around printing and neck printing options

Color consistency - extensive range of custom colors and metallic inks available

Clean and precise - no rough label seams, edges or bubbling

Excellent adhesion - waterproof and heat resistant to glass, plastic or metal containers

Beautiful branding - your screen printed bottles will highlight your brand!

Let silk screening express your brand's personality. Contact us to learn how you can expand your creative options with bottle printing.

22 oz. Beer Bottle